A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Redeem Devil is a 2D platformer where you, as the player, control the fallen angel turned into a devil named Abaddon. Though he is in the underworld, he doesn't want to stay there because he feels that he belongs in the heavens. He is on a quest to collect Halos and face other evil enemies that are like himself that want to keep him there. The more halos he collects, the closer he gets to becoming an angel. Abaddon is willing to do anything to go back to Heaven and be back to being a guardian and protector of God. His childish ways made him realize what was more important. He knows he has wronged God for destroying worlds in the galaxy but he is set to redeem himself by helping lost souls in hell/underworld. In this 2D side-scroller, you will have the thrill to go through levels facing different type of enemies and especially the pest life devils known as Succubus. The journey to redemption shall be completed when all halos are collected and all lost souls are helped.


RedeemDevil.zip 18 MB


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